Stupid solutions for stupid problems

Posted on Mon 04 June 2018 in Blog

A while back, a friend of mine who was working on a coding challenge for some internship. The prompt said to create a dictionary with string keys and string values in your favorite programming language, without using the built in dictionary type.

This got me thinking of how I would …

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Moved themes!

Posted on Mon 21 May 2018 in Blog

As you can probably tell, I've changed my website/blog stuff, I'm experimenting! Hopefully I will blog more too :)

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PyBay 2017

Posted on Fri 01 September 2017 in PyBay, SF Python

The video of the panel at PyBay 2017 I was on was posted!

It was a pleasure to be a part of the panel, and a great experience to go to PyBay 2017. The SF Python community was kind and welcoming. I hope to go to their regular meetings if …

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Typycal - Generate type stubs from runtime type information

Posted on Wed 26 July 2017 in Typycal, PEP 523

Note: This blog post assumes basic familiarity with typing

I am a collaborator on the mypy project, which implements a static type checker for Python. Static typing is useful for many reasons, such as making refactoring and other code maintenance easier. At PyCon this year, I heard from many developers …

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